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Katsushige Anryu Damascus VG10 Gyuto Chef's Knife 200mm

¥23,200 ¥24,200

Blacksmith: Traditional Craftsman Katsushige Anryu
Type: Gyuto / Chef's Knife (Double bevel edged)
Blade Material: Damascus VG10 Clad Stainless Steel
           Core: VG10 Stainless Steel
Blade Length: approx 200 mm (7.87")
Overall Length: approx 325 mm (12.8")
Weight: approx 141g (4.97oz)
Handle: Wine Red Laminated Reinforced Wood

     The knives made in Echizen city are called Echizen Uchi Hamono. The art of making Japanese kitchen knives has a history of about 700 years. Echizen Uchi Hamono is designated as "Traditional Crafts" by the Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry. These knives are forged by blacksmiths, those knives are harder to be chipped and the sharpness continues longer. The organization of material changes homogeneously, it is observed by a microscope.  Mr.Katsushige Anryu is very famous and a  Great Craftsman in Echizen city. He won "Medal with Yellow Ribbon" of the Japanese government in 2015. 

      The elegant wave pattern called the popular name "Sumi Nagashi" is one of the treasure which Japanese cutlery culture produced. Using the skill of Japanese sword "Katana", the blade is made with low and high carbon to layers. The same wave pattern does not exist. Especially this damascus is very beautiful!

NIMAI-HIROGE(Spreading Two Sheets) 

    NIMAI-HIROGE is the special skill in Echizen city only. It is outstanding method. The spine of blade requires thickness for sturdy and around the edge needs to spread to thin edge in order to improve sharpness. These requirements are met by hitting two blades together at a time. If two blades are hit together at a time, the temperature is hard to fall. Two blades prevent to be cool down fast. So blacksmiths can hit two blades many times in a short time. If only one blade are hit, the blade is cool down fast, they must put it into kiln for heat again. Then carbon runs away from the blade, the blade will become weaker. This skill looks easy, but it is very hard. A blacksmith could not do this for 5 years. 

This is hand made, so there are some scratches.
Don't cut and hit frozen foods or bones, the edge will be chipped or broken.

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